our Capabilities

We can help you better navigate the fast changing digital media world.

We can help you better navigate the fast changing digital media world.

Alexander & Tom, Inc. combines sophisticated interactive multimedia design and usability with advanced software development and integration to provide engaging, intuitive applications for the private and public sectors.

Our expertise in the most advanced Internet, programming, and database technologies and online multimedia allows us to rapidly deliver innovative websites and software applications that solve the critical needs of our clients.

Digital Strategy

Every successful digital initiative starts with a carefully conceived strategy. We begin by gaining insight into your company’s needs and processes. Through research and analysis, we achieve a better understanding of you and your competitors. We then develop an executable strategy that will guide you through fast-changing digital terrain and keep you in the forefront of your industry.


Design and usability go hand-in-hand at Alexander & Tom. We believe in the importance of merging great design, ease-of-use, and the latest technologies to create a user-experience that will keep customers engaged and impressed. Our award-winning design team delivers designs that not only look good, but are user-friendly and results driven.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing trends are fast-changing. Our marketing team stays on top of the latest, marketing trends so you don’t have to. We are well-versed in the newest social media, mobile marketing, geo-targeting, online reputation management, and more. We use traditional and new media marketing methods to help you create connections between your online and offline marketing efforts.


Technology is at the core of every project we produce. Our developers have expertise in a multitude of languages and platforms giving us great flexibility when choosing a solution path. We will work with your team to meet your project’s needs—whether that is by integrating with an existing framework, starting from scratch with a custom project, or developing the perfect mobile app to work with your enterprise systems.

Additional Capabilities

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

VR is the next frontier of digital experiences. Whether we're creating a large-scale virtual reality experience for a PR stunt, or building an immersive world brought to life through a mobile app, our mission is to craft unique experiences for your brand. We can partner and work alongside you, or you can tell us what you want and we will create it. Visit Our VR/AR Microsite

Usability/User Experience

Usability testing can uncover navigation issues, determine content relevance, highlight design effectiveness and, most importantly, assess a customer's ability to complete critical tasks. You can be certain our solutions will be focused on creating an elegant and satisfying customer experience. Visit Our Usability Microsite

Social Media

Social Media enables brands and businesses to become more in touch with their audiences. By listening and engaging with your audience across various social media platforms, your organization has the opportunity to truly understand their wants and needs. As social media continues to impact the way you do business, we can guide you through this evolving marketing terrain.

Accessibility / 508

We have a long track record of building websites that are both easy to navigate and easy to use for web visitors with disabilities. Since 1999, we have been producing Section 508 compliant websites and materials for universities and government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).


Alexander & Tom, Inc. works with the most advanced web, mobile, and wearable technologies. We are always experimenting with the next wave of new digital technologies. Our team of designers and developers stays at the forefront of industry standards and practices as well as learning new techniques and products as soon as they cross the horizon.

It is our job to help you engage and manage these new technologies to solve your business and communication goals, and help you realize your vision.