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We can help you better navigate the fast-changing digital world.

We can help you better navigate the fast-changing digital world.

It’s a new day. And the digital landscape is rapidly changing. Our skilled teams can help you “check all the boxes” on your digital communications needs and take advantage of the latest technology.

We provide a wide spectrum of digital services, from user research and digital strategy, to designing and developing websites and apps, to executing your digital outreach and marketing.

Digital Marketing

Today’s audiences, whether they’re consumers or constituents, are fast moving, multitasking, and hard to reach. We’ll help you to find them, engage with them, and provide them with the answers they’re seeking.

No matter where they are, how they are connected, or what time of the day, it’s your job to provide the services they need. We will help you develop the digital tools, methods and resources to meet those needs.

  • Digital Communication Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Marketing Automation
  • Personalized Web Experiences
  • Web Resources
  • Web and Mobile Apps
  • Online Customer Service Tools
  • Offline Communication Integration

Communication Design

We’ve been designing communications for marketing, advertising and outreach for leading corporations, large non-profits, and government agencies for 20 years. Our teams of creative directors, designers, copywriters, business analysts, and marketers produce award-winning communications for an incredibly wide variety of customers – across all electronic mediums - across a wide variety of needs, including advertising, education, training and outreach. A sample of our long list of communication design services includes:

  • Communication Design and Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • Art Direction – across all media
  • Web Design
  • Advertising – web, social, mobile
  • Marketing resources – digital booklets and pamphlets
  • Video - design and production
  • Multimedia presentations design and development
  • Animation Design
  • 3D modeling and 3D environments
  • Architectural Design
  • Copywriting, scripting, storyboarding
  • Infographics
  • Tradeshow and exhibit design

Web & Mobile - Design & Development

A&T’s skills and experience in the most advanced forms of web and mobile design and development will help you define your web needs, and then execute an engaging and effective solution. We’ve been building mission critical web and mobile solutions for large corporations, government agencies, associations, and other organizations for over 20 years.

  • Website and mobile app development
  • Advanced web technologies
  • Cloud Infrastructure – server set-up and management
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Website and Interface design
  • Agile and iterative design and development
  • Responsive web & mobile design
  • Digital video and multimedia production
  • 3D design and animation
  • Programming languages
    • PHP, .Net
    • HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3
    • C++, Java
  • Mobile frameworks
    • Bootstrap
    • Native – iOS and Android
    • Custom built
  • Voice Controlled – user experience design

Our award-winning design teams produce elegant and easy-to-use websites, apps, and communications, across web, mobile, and any other digital platform.

Our development/programming teams work with a wide variety or web-centric programming languages and platforms to provide you with a wide choice of solution paths.

Cloud Hosting – Web Servers

We design, build and manage your virtual systems and servers on the leading cloud hosting providers and content distribution networks. Our teams provide cloud hosting solutions across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Rackspace and other cloud platforms. For government clients' hosting needs, we have established FedRAMP services through both AWS and Azure.

User Experience – Design and Research

Our user-experience (UX) teams combine audience research, user-experience testing, and UX design to define consumer needs and expectations, and then design the tools, methods and resources to meet those needs. We use a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to gather insights and data, which help improve the design and performance of your communications, tools, and platforms… and improve the user’s experience.

  • User Experience – design and development
  • Audience research
  • Focus groups
  • Consumer panels
  • Social listening
  • Survey tools and customer feedback
  • Research/study design
  • Usability testing – in-person and remote
  • Testing facilities and observation rooms
  • Web analytics
  • Human-centered design

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Virtual & Augmented Reality

The new frontier of digital experiences and digital communications creates new opportunities for communication, training, education, and entertainment. Virtual realities provide marketers, educators, and entertainers with the opportunity to create game-changing immersive experiences. Augmented reality, layering information over the view of a smartphone’s camera creates the opportunity to develop helpful, informative, and engaging smartphone-based business, training and educational tools.

The new realities also present new challenges. Some of the applications of these new digital mediums require incredibly difficult and intricate skillsets to develop them. And we have those skillsets, and can help you take advantage of these engaging, new mediums.

  • Virtual Reality – design and development
  • Augmented Reality – design and development
  • Mobile app – design and development
  • Instructional design & training design
  • Headset virtual reality experiences
  • Enhanced print media using marker-based Augmented Reality
  • Mobile - surface-based Augmented Reality
  • 3D environmental and architectural design
  • 3D design and animation
  • Geo-location / Geo-fenced experiences

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