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We can help you better navigate the fast changing digital media world.

We can help you better navigate the fast changing digital media world.

Alexander + Tom Inc. combines sophisticated interactive multimedia design and usability with advanced software development and integration to provide engaging, intuitive applications for the private and public sectors.

Our expertise in the most advanced Internet, programming, and database technologies and online multimedia allows us to rapidly deliver innovative websites and software applications that solve the critical needs of our clients.

Digital Marketing

Your potential customers are everywhere. It’s up to you to find them, engage with them, and provide them with the answers they are seeking. No matter where they are, how they are connected, or how you reached them it is your job to convert these leads to contacts and eventually, customers. You also must constantly evaluate and adapt to the ever-changing digital world, so you can pivot tactics on the fly for an optimal ROI.

At A+T, we stay on top of the latest marketing trends so you don’t have to. We are well-versed in the newest social media trends, search optimization algorithms, marketing automation techniques, geo-targeting, online reputation management, and more. We use traditional and new media marketing methods to help you create connections between your online and offline marketing efforts.

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Webinars

UX and Accessibility

Design and usability go hand-in-hand at A+T. Long before your website launches, A+T is capable of testing your site to ensure it produces the best user experience possible. By definition, usability testing is the process of evaluating a site to help uncover issues that can adversely affect the ease-of-use and overall effectiveness of your websites and landing pages. At A+T, we use sophisticated eye-tracking technology to collect detailed data on a user’s eye movements as they navigate a website and perform pre-determined tasks. The data is used to generate easy-to-understand visual reports and recommendations to improve the overall user experience. The end result? An elegant, satisfying, and intuitive customer experience.

  • Usability
  • Eye Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Tobii eye tracking software
  • Accessibility/WCAG

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Web Development and User Interface Design

Our developers have expertise in a multitude of languages and platforms giving us great flexibility when choosing a solution path. We will work with your team to meet your project’s needs—whether that is by integrating with an existing framework, starting from scratch with a custom project, or developing the perfect mobile app to work with your enterprise systems.

Our design team produces award-winning video, multimedia, and dynamic visuals that all act responsively to ensure no matter what device your site is viewed on, it looks amazing. Our designers also produce 3D models and AR/VR graphics that will push your site past the competition.

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Content Management Systems
  • Content Rich Emails
  • Responsive Design
  • Video and Multimedia production
  • 3D Modeling

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR is the next frontier of digital experiences. Whether we're creating a large-scale virtual reality experience for a PR stunt or building an immersive world brought to life through a mobile app, our mission is to craft unique experiences for your brand. We can partner and work alongside you, or you can tell us what you want and we will create it.

  • VR/AR Microsite
  • Mixed Reality
  • Headset Virtual Reality Experiences
  • Enhanced Print Media using Marker-based Augmented Reality
  • Interactive Surface-based Augmented Reality
  • Geolocation/Geofenced Experiences

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