Marketing & WebsiteBlack & Decker

Alexander & Tom designed Black + Decker’s main website, A&T teams worked with Black + Decker brand teams to create a platform and marketing materials that supported their wide range of consumer products.

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Alexander & Tom designed and created an intuitive website experience to organize thousands of power tools, outdoor tools, and appliance products.

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A&T incorporated cohesive messaging for multiple product lines from various divisions of the company and created a centralized repository for product information which Black & Decker employees could easily access and update, saving the company valuable time.

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The product pages of the site are database-driven, enabling any product change to be instantly updated in every location where it appears on the site.

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The site features e-commerce capabilities, loyalty programs and a comprehensive, digital video library.

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Rich media and video enable users to quickly learn proper use of numerous Black & Decker tools.