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Alexander & Tom developed a fully integrated marketing system, including a redesigned website and CRM system, to assist the Bermuda Tourism office in capitalizing on every tourism lead.

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The tourism marketing system is made up of a tourism website, an automated email generation system, an 800# call center, a brochure-on-request program and a CMS. Each of these items is connected to a central customer database that produces and manages all customer contacts on a pre-planned and automated basis (a CRM).

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Alexander & Tom created an online promotion driving island visitors to share their story and photo for a chance to win a trip back to Bermuda.

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As a result, Bermuda was able to create customer specific responses to travel inquiries quickly and efficiently through the automated email correspondence.

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This system tracked every lead through Universal Tracking Codes (UTCs) to enable Bermuda’s marketing team to make highly informed decisions on where to spend their ad budgets.

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The website system utilized the RedDot CMS (Content Management System) to enable the Tourism Department staff to quickly and easily add events and activities to the site.

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The Customer Relationship Management system created customized brochures, filled with maps, activities, and specials related to the visitor's interests.

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The integrated marketing system provided advanced marketing capabilities to the Bermuda Tourism team. It tied together the website, online marketing, call center, and content management tools to track leads (potential tourists) at every turn.