Usability & WebsiteDepartment of Treasury

The U. S. Treasury commissioned Alexander & Tom to assist with a wide variety of web services, ranging from website design and development to usability testing and interactive marketing strategies. Over the past several years, Alexander & Tom has continued its work with the Treasury, specifically The Bureau of the Fiscal Service, Office of Public and Legislative Affairs, and the Administrative Resource Center (ARC), on usability testing and analysis.

Treasury Stage

The new website design was optimized for mobile devices via responsive design. The design of the new Fiscal Service site was created to support the existing TreasuryDirect brand, and clearly separate the information for the top three target audiences: individuals, government entities, and large investment institutions.

image of Treasury 1

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service website design has performed very well with users in formal usability testing. In addition, the site is Section 508 compliant, and written to plain language standards.

image of Treasury 2

The ARC site was created for the Government-to-Government franchise services of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service. It is a government agency, but sells its services to other government agencies (services such as, payroll, accounting, information systems, and travel.)

image of Treasury 3

The design for the TreasuryDirect Kids site was fun and interactive in order to motivate children and young adults to learn more about financial topics.

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