Usability & Website/Online VideoThe Nature Conservancy

Partnering with the Nature Conservancy and Alabama Power, Alexander & Tom developed an interactive, educational website to promote the "Now & Forever Alabama" fundraising campaign. The website feels like a virtual field trip highlighting three of the state's eco-regions.

Nc Stage

The site features a large collection of photographs of the wide variety of plants and animals of the state. Photographs and videos were shot on location in a number of field trips through nature preserves in the state.

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The site features innovative multimedia and interactive educational elements which bring the lessons to life.

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The educational goal was to incorporate the website into the existing science and social studies curricula in schools across the state. The site also includes an activity center where young children (kindergarten through 2nd grade) can explore four illustrative activities that introduce young students to basic environmental education.

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Park Rangers and a select group of Alabama elementary school teachers collaborated with the A&T Team to create a valuable education tool.

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Dozens of photo galleries were created to feature the plant and animal life in each park or preserve.

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Video and multimedia elements on the site provided an engaging educational experience.

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Alexander & Tom created innovative and easy-to-use packaging design for the DVD program that would be distributed to schools state-wide.